United Kingdom Tourist Attractions

United Kingdom Tourist Attractions:

When thinking about United Kingdom tourist attractions, Liverpool is the first city which comes to mind. Liverpool is a city which is located on the northwest of England. And like any other city in the United Kingdom, it has a wide variety of tourist attractions. It has more galleries and museums than anywhere in the world. In this way, the tourists will never get bored or run out of places to sightsee. These will keep them occupied and immersed throughout their trip and will also help in building some wonderful memories with loved ones. So when talking about United Kingdom tourist attractions, listed below are seven of the top-rated tourist attractions in Liverpool.

  • International Slavery Museum

International Slavery MuseumThis is the museum which is known to display both ancient as well as contemporary slavery. Thanks to its collaboration with other museums around the world, this museum has allowed its tourists to experience the reality of slavery like never before. Their main aim is to create more understanding and awareness surrounding the topic of slavery which is also considered to be a taboo in many societies.

  • Liverpool waterfront

Liverpool waterfrontWhen we think about United Kingdom tourist attractions, it is very difficult to not include this waterfront in the list. It is truly a great place to visit as you will never run out of things to do here. You will always find something or the other to keep you interested. Because of its diverse range of activities, you will be able to find everything here, starting from a quiet and peaceful stroll by the waterfront to even a singalong marathon by the Beatles. In addition, you also get the opportunity of getting on a ferry. In this way, you will not only be able to enjoy the scenic beauty and landscape but also breathe in some sea air. You will also be able to find a fantastic array of cafes, bars, and restaurants which will be offering any kind of item which you can imagine.

  • Albert Dock

Albert DockThe next item which comes to mind in United Kingdom tourist attractions is this dock. This dock is particularly famous as it is the first dock in Britain which has been made completely of iron and bricks. Standing at an impressive height of five stories, the buildings have been made around arcaded walkways. The warehouses have been decorated again with designer boutiques, luxury apartments, restaurants, offices, cafes, and museums.

  • The Beatles

United Kingdom tourist attractions Edit Focus Keywords Auto-complete fieldsThe main attraction amongst United Kingdom tourist attractions is undoubtedly the Beatles. After all, Liverpool is known as the birthplace of the Beatles. Tours of a wide range are provided which allows the tourist to walk down the same footsteps which were once walked upon by the famous Beatles members. Other than that, they can also listen to the original Beatles story. This talks about their rise to fame and all the various controversies they had to deal with while being in the limelight. The Beatles shop, which is located on 20 Forthlin Road can always be found to be bustling. This is because this is the place where the band wrote and rehearsed many of their songs.

  • Tate Gallery

Tate Gallery

The London Tate Gallery, which was set up towards the end of the 19th century, has now opened up a new branch in the Albert Dock. Even though the branch in Albert Dock has been given a more refined furnish, it has still been able to maintain its old world charm. And this is what makes it one of the top-rated United Kingdom tourist attractions. The ground floor of the gallery houses galleries and exhibition halls which are strictly dedicated to contemporary arts as well as some paintings which have been kept as loan from London.

  • Pier Head

Pier HeadThe Pier Head contains three buildings which are very famously known as The Three Graces. This includes the Cunard Building, the Port of Liverpool Building, and the Royal Liver Building. This is the place where the Titanic Memorial can also be found. It is because of this that this site is touted as top-rated in United Kingdom tourist attractions.


  • Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art GalleryThe last, but definitely not the least tourist attraction when we talk about United Kingdom tourist attractions is the Walker Art Gallery. This is known as Liverpool’s best museum and that too with very good reasons. Not only does it have paintings by all the famous artists of the 14th century, it also includes some of the best works of modern artists as well.

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