Restaurants in Liverpool

Restaurants in Liverpool
The city of Liverpool, England is a popular destination to visit for hundreds of thousands tourists each year. With all the attractions available in this grand city, it’s easy to forget one of the most important things to our existence; food. Liverpool has dozens of amazing places to dine during your visit, it’s just that the best places may be a little obscure. So if you’re wondering where to eat in Liverpool, this article will help you add some restaurants in Liverpool to your list!

Restaurants to visit in Liverpool

The Quarter

restaurants in Liverpool

On this list of restaurants in Liverpool, the first we will be examining is The Quarter. Located at 10 Falkner Street, this restaurant doubles as a take away deli. This is quite an advantage, especially if you prefer eating in the comfort of your own hotel room when you vacation. Another advantage of this restaurant is that they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Quarter manages to combine wonderful ambience with impressive service and a wide selection of dishes. A buzzy, vibrant restaurant & café set amongst the cobbled streets of Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter. They serve an eclectic mix of Italian-infused cuisine. This restaurant is perhaps one the best restaurants in Liverpool!


restaurants in Liverpool

The second restaurant on our list is Puschka, a hidden gem located at 16 Rodney Street. This restaurant is described as funky Bohemian restaurant, with immaculate service and an intimate warm atmosphere. Visiting this restaurant will add a pleasurable experience to your trip to Liverpool. They pride themselves with fresh, locally produced ingredients and a menu that changes according to the seasons. The Guardian terms Puschka one of the best restaurants in Liverpool, so it is indeed worth the trip.

Sapporo Teppanyaki

Liverpool Restaurants - Sapporo

If you are an Asian food aficionado, or simply enjoy sampling the tastes of other cuisines, Sapporo might be just the restaurant for you. This restaurant has is a world-class Japanese restaurant, boasting an extensive menu, and authentic Asian atmosphere. The best thing about Sapporo, is that from the moment you order your meal, you can watch the chefs prepare it, with all their flair and finesse. Indeed, Sapporo is more of an experience, than a visit. With three different locations in the United Kingdom, it is safe to say that Sapporo is an established people-pleaser. A visit to this restaurant, or any of its restaurants, might be just the added Asian-flair that your trip to Liverpool needs.

Alma De Cuba

Liverpool Restaurants - Alma de Cuba

Liverpool is renowned for delivering experiences that one would rarely find anywhere else in the world. The dining experience at Alma De Cuba is no different. While looking for where to eat in Liverpool, would a church ever cross your mind? Quite unlikely. However, Alma De Cuba is housed within the converted St. Peter’s Catholic Church, and provides diners with pious mix of Spanish cuisine. The ambiance in this atmosphere is indeed spectacular to say the least, since most of the original architecture of the church is still intact. The whole experience is further heightened by performances by a gospel choir for brunch on Sundays. There’s no question how it made our list of restaurants.  One could rightly say dining here brings you closer to heaven. The food is heavenly. The atmosphere inspires reverence. Make it a priority to visit this restaurant-church when you vacation in Liverpool!

60 Hope Street

Liverpool Restaurants - 60 Hope Street

Perhaps this restaurant is named after the street it is located on so as not to detract from the beauty of the experience they offer. One thing that we can be sure of, is that you rarely will find another restaurant that will provide you with an authentic British dining experience. 60 Hope Street is a family owned and run restaurant, and is set in a picturesque Georgian town house set over three floors. 60 Hope Street offers both a restaurant and a bistro. The restaurant on the ground floor offers the perfect atmosphere for lunch, pre theatre supper or dinner. The bistro is located on the lower ground floor. This bistro serves their table d’hote and their a la carte menu. Also, 60 Hope Street offers a private room available for booking that seats up to 45 guests. All in all, this restaurant leaves little to be desired. It could be the best restaurant in Liverpool!

This list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, there are dozens more restaurants in Liverpool that would be worth visiting. That is perhaps the best thing about vacationing, the ability to explore and discover hidden gems within the area that you are staying. However, if you don’t have time to explore Liverpool and are in need of top quality restaurants, visiting one of the five on this list would be prudent.