Unearth Liverpool’s ghoulish past on this 1.5-hour walking tour of the city’s most haunted sites. After darkness has fallen, meet your guide on the famous Hope Street and set off in search of the restless spirits who are said to roam the city at night. Stroll down one of northern England’s most haunted streets, visit the eerie cemetery at Anglican Cathedral, and hear blood-curdling stories of ‘Lantern Jaw,’ the woman in white and the local man who lost his soul to the Devil. Highlights 1.5-hour ghost walking tour of Liverpool, led by entertaining guides Explore Liverpool on foot and discover the city’s dark past Wander down one of the most haunted streets in northern England Hear hair-raising tales of the spirits who restlessly roam the city after dark Pay a visit to the thousands of souls who have been laid to rest at the Anglican Cathedral What You Can Expect Listen to the spine-chilling tales of the restless spirits of Liverpool When the sky grows dark and the street lamps flicker on, find your own way to the prearranged meeting point on Liverpool’s famous Hope Street. Make contact with your informative guides, and then prepare yourself for a terrifying tour of the city’s spookiest sights. Huddle close to the rest of your group as you take your first tentative steps into Liverpool’s dark past. With your guides leading the way, leave behind the hustle and bustle of the main drag and head toward Rodney Street. With more than 40 reported ghost sightings, it is one of the most haunted streets in northern England. As you walk, listen to the spine-chilling tales of the restless spirits who are said to roam the area after dark. Learn about ‘Lantern Jaw,’ the ghost of a man with a huge, square jaw who wears a flowing opera cloak and a top hat, and stay on the lookout for the ghost of Polly, a tragic woman in white who is said to haunt the former nurses’ home. At St Andrew’s Cemetery, uncover the mystery behind the pyramid that is believed to contain the remains of William Mackenzie, a Victorian man who is said to have lost his soul to the Devil during a game of poker. Finally, steel yourself as you enter the grounds of the Anglican Cathedral. The country’s largest cathedral, it is also the final resting place of some 58,000 bodies. Hear more of the city’s hidden histories, and be sure to keep your wits about you — you never know what you might see. After roughly 1.5 hours, your tour concludes outside the cathedral.

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