If you’re currently staying at Everton Hostel, or on your way to us, or if you’re thinking of booking with Everton Hostel, you might like to check these Rules & out. Their aim is to make our hostels happy, safe, respectful places to stay for all guests and staff.

Arrivals and Departures
New arrivals can check into their rooms from 15:00. Guests may arrive earlier and leave their luggage at the hostel but access to rooms will not be granted until after 3:00PM.

Departing guests must remove all their belongings from their room, and check out, by 11am. At this time, all possessions must be removed from the dorm/room. If you need to store your luggage on the day of your departure please arrange it with reception. We offer free luggage storage until 9.30PM – 21:30.

Check In
You do not have to be a member of any organisation to stay at Everton Hostel hostels however we do require that some form of valid photo identification is presented upon check in, preferably a passport, I.D. card or driving license.

Check Out
Check out is at 11AM. If you check out late, you will be asked to pay for an extra night, so make sure you’re up and ready in time!

Room allocation
When booking beds in dorm rooms for you and your friends, we we may not be able to put you the same room. Book a private room if you want to guarantee you’ll all be together.

Room Key
Upon check in, guests will receive a room keycard for access to both the hostel and their room and an invoice (proof or payment). Reception staff may ask to see this invoice at any time, so it will need to be kept safe with the room key. If you lose your key, we charge £10 for a replacement.

Age Restrictions
Bookings cannot be accepted from any person under the age of 16 unless they are accompanied by an adult (over 18). Guests who wish to bring their children under 16 years of age must book a whole dorm or private room. For guests aged 16 or 17 years of age, they can book into one of dorm rooms, but must be accompanied by an adult. (over 18).

Unlike some hostels we do not have an upper age limit. Most of our guests are backpackers in the 18 to 30 age range. Please be aware that you may be assigned a top bunk.

48-hour Cancellation policy and No-Shows
Your reservation has been charged fully on your credit card at the time of booking. If you wish to cancel your reservation, you will need to notify us by email at bookings@EvertonHostel.com orinfo@EvertonHostel.com 48 hours in advance of your arrival date and (7 days before the arrival dates of the 29th, 30th and 31st of December).

However, if you only let us know the day before your arrival, or fail to show up on the arrival date, you will not be entitled to a refund. If you fail to show for your booking, your full booking will be cancelled. If you arrive a day late without informing the hostel, we will try and find you a bed, but this may not be in the same room type booked and may incur extra charges. Please note that our New Years cancellation policy is 7 days before your arrival date and applies to the arrival dates 29th, 30th and 31st of December. For cancellation of bookings made prior to the 19th of March, please contact us by email atbookings@EvertonHostel.com for more information.

Guest Behaviour
The comfort, safety and security of our guests is of paramount importance to us at Everton Hostel hostels. Any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests, staff or local residents will be requested to leave the hostel premises and will not be offered a refund. Guests are expected to respect other guests, staff, local residents and property.

No Smoking
There is a smoking area in the basement area to the back of the garden for guests who wish to smoke. Smoking is not permitted anywhere else in the Everton Hostel building. Any guest found smoking inside the building will be fined £50.00, asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be offered a refund.

No Drugs
Drug use is illegal in England. Any guest found using drugs within the building will be fined £250.00, asked to leave the premises immediately and will not be offered a refund. The police will be called and your security details provided.

Alcohol consumption
Alcohol consumption is only allowed for guests over the age of 18. Due to licensing laws, it is not permitted to enter the premises of Everton Hostel with alcohol and providing to minors. If you are found with out consent entering Everton Hostel with alcohol it will be confiscated until you leave the building at check out. Alcohol is available in the bar and can be consumed in the basement common rooms.

Personal Property
Secure lockers for laptops and small valuable items are located in each dorm rooms or communal lockers in the hallway, in the reception area and in the luggage storeroom in the basement. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that their personal belongings are secure at all times, and Everton Hostel accept no liability for the loss, theft or damage to guests’ property, however sustained or caused. We strongly recommend you bring a padlock to use with your luggage & backpack.

Damage to Everton Hostel Property
Guests will be expected to reimburse Everton Hostel for any damage caused by inappropriate behaviour during their stay.

Except in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence, Everton Hostel’s liability remains, at all times, limited to the value of the services booked, excluding any amendment charges paid to us.

Your Information
Everton Hostel hostels shall only store and use information you supply to us or which is supplied to us for the purposes of carrying out our contract with you, and to inform you of other services and offers which we make available from time to time. If you do not wish to receive such information please let us know by emailing us at:online@EvertonHostel.com or by writing to us at The Manager, Everton Hostel, 53 Everton Rd, Liverpool, L6 2EH, United Kingdom.

Errors and Omissions
Any omission or error in sales literature, web pages or site, order form, quotation, price list, order acknowledgement, dispatch note, invoice or other documents issued by us may be corrected by us without liability. We will advise you of any changes at the time of booking or as soon as is reasonably possible thereafter.

All bookings are subject to availability and Everton Hostel reserve the right to decline any booking at its discretion.

Group Bookings
We accept groups of all ages, under 16 to be accompanied by an adult and ID provided on check-in.

Ensure the room availability that is given to you allow you flexibility to fit your boys/girls breakdown once you receive it.

We will need to know at request time: age of students, nationality and if they are coming by coach at least one group leader must be with the group at all times – this is in case of an emergency or unacceptable behaviour.

Group leader’s responsibilities: The group leader must ensure that the whole group co-operates fully with our staff if, for example, the building needs to be promptly evacuated.

Group payment terms:
A first instalment of 25% of the full booking value needs to be paid to confirm the reservation.

– The remaining will need to be paid at least 1 month before the group arrival date.

Please note that our group cancellation policy is of 28 days before the group’s arrival. Past this time no refund will be given.

We will do our best to accommodate a change in number of guests as long as it does not exceed 20% of the total number of guests in the group and as long as it requested at least 1 month before group arrival.

We will accommodate the number of people in the room types specified on the voucher and pre-confirmed by you. In the unusual circumstance that more people arrive with your group than had booked with us, if we can accommodate the extra people they will be asked to pay rack rate at check-in.

We have strict regulation concerning coaches. Failure to respect the rules will result either in the refusal of the group to check-in or if they are already staying their deposit will be lost and no accommodation will be refunded.

We do not offer coach parking, please ensure that Drivers are fully aware of this and have organised proper coach parking prior to arrival.

Drivers may be booked out in local B&B (if requested by you, you will be charged B&B rates. Note cancellation is 2 weeks prior arrival)

One group leader will be required to fill in a credit card authorisation form upon arrival for a “Group Deposit”. This will need to be the card holder. We will pre-authorise the card for £300.

Money will be deducted if;
– Members of group are misbehaving in or outside the building, being noising or causing damage to the property

– Underage people (under 18) are found in the bar (regardless if they are drinking alcohol or not)

– Interfering with fire alarm or smoking in the room

Bus driver is not following coach instructions

– Key cards for room access are lost (£1.66 exclusive of VAT per keycard)

This list is not conclusive.
Deposits MUST be done by presenting a credit card, cash deposits are NOT accepted.

Please keep in mind we cannot always accommodate groups all on the same floor because of the layout of the buildings and the room type chosen.

We offer free luggage storage until 21.30PM. Unfortunately, we cannot always facilitate groups who need to leave luggage till later than this time. If your group is going to arrive before 2.30pm please advise us at the time of booking so a luggage room can be organised.

Please note that prices for group services (packed lunch, restaurants, attractions…) are subject to change without notice.

Groups can check-in until 4am. Guests will only be able to access their room after 3.00PM but request via email and sometimes we can provide early access to the room on request if the dorm is vacant the previous night.

At Everton Hostel, guests are prohibited to bring and consume alcohol purchased from outside the premises. We reserve the right to fine each guest £50.00 unless arranged in advance and we the hostel are aware no children are in the group.

Smoking is not permitted by law. Any guest found smoking within the building will be fined £50.00 and asked to leave the premises immediately. A refund will not be offered. Guests staying at Everton Hostel can smoke on the pavement, in front of the premises.

Drug use is illegal in England. Any guest found using drugs within the building will be fined £250.00 and asked to leave the premises immediately. Again no refund will be offered.

We will accommodate the number of people in the room types specified on the voucher and pre confirmed by you. In the unusual circumstances that more people arrive, they will be asked to pay rack rate at check-in.

If you are having tickets, packed lunches delivered to Everton Hostel let us know by email before arrival. We cannot take responsibility for items delivered to us.

Please ensure guests have adequate travel insurance. We do NOT take responsibility for any lost or stolen property. Please inform your groups.

In the event of Force Majeure (governmental action; fire; flood; insurrection; earthquake; power failure; riot; explosion; embargo, transportation interruption of any kind; terrorist attack; acts of God… ) affecting your booking, the company reserves the right to receive any outstanding payments in connection to your confirmed booking.

All bookings are subject to availability and Everton Hostel reserves the right to decline any booking at its discretion by booking a client at Everton Hostel, regardless if this sheet is signed, is acceptance of the above important points.